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Snow boots stained with grease how to do?

Published Time:2011.12.26 News source:ZHENJIANG BAIXIN LEATHER CO.,LTD Views No.

Warm, comfortable, wild, stylish snow boots more and more popular everyday wear, boots encounter was soaked in water, spilled grease and other issues, how to deal with it?

Genuine snow boots, select high-quality natural sheepskin materials, using sheep wool, is its most important feature, the sole use of high-quality rubber, regardless of the cortex or soles are dirt, especially the soles, very easy to stick the dust. Usually everyday wear with a soft brush, the best professional sheepskin brush, gently wipe off the dust, put in the shoes tube support plate, the outside and then put a plastic bag and placed in dry shade, so that even if stored for a a long time, the boots still look like new.

If encountered in everyday wear, rain and snow boots stained with water, do not worry, snow boots, originally worn by the people to keep out the cold in the winter, encountered rain and snow boots quality is not any impact. Simply put the boots to dry and then wipe the above stains. Be sure to dry naturally, do not use a fan, heat and artificial heat sources such as baking, also not on the sun exposure, so it is easy to let the sheep deformation. Wear boots inside with varicose veins socks, can have the effect of stovepipe and warm. By the order of the uppers, shoes, cylinders, sole boots dry with a soft brush, along the lines of sheep along a single direction in order to wipe.

If the snow boots stained with grease can be washed off with a professional cleaning agent, but should be selected from bleach-free cleaning agent to avoid cleaning the part of the fade, the appearance of the boots. In fact, a method can also be a substitute for professional cleaners, that is, without bleach composition soap or soap powder. When used, the first soap in the palm of the hand which shot foam and then use the make-up brush with a paper towel dipped in the bubble a little bit brush coated with grease, brushing the bubble sucked. This move light snow boots or appropriate. Soap powder, cleaning the location, color, slightly yellow, so this method is not recommended to use when cleaning the dark snow boots. Dark snow boots care and cleaning, pay special attention to avoid the use of cleaning products containing bleach.

Grease and moisture is the biggest killer of the inner hair clean snow boots, wool, nothing better than the effect of professional cleaning agent, had just finished washing the hair will become a little fallen, but the cleaning effect is definitely good. After the cleaning, boots, boots down backwards swing, dry with a soft brush to brush a few times, the coat will be like new as smooth. Usually do not wear snow boots, pay attention to the bag to cover the boots, so that is conducive to maintaining the cleanliness of the inner hair.

Usually placed snow boots, the boots should be completely vertical, some MM folded up like snow boots to wear, back home to the best boots re-turn back to their original, so as not to leave a deeper discount India.

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