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Current Location:Home-About Us

        By the side of YangZe river with beautiful view and confortable climate, the factory is located in the famous historic and cultural city, Zhenjiang, in Jiangsu province. It is 230 kilometres from ShangHai, 70 kilometres from NanJing and 29 kilometres from YangZou, surrounded by waters in three side, transportation is convenient.

        There are many professional, experienced manager and skilled workers in company,include nearly 200 workers, 3 advanced engineers, 20 professional technical workers, 15 quality-controlers and 3 international trade salesman.

        The factory also posses advanced equipment and first class administration system. Now, our products are continuously exporting to Japan, United States, South Korea, Australia, Canda, Hongkong etc, and gaining favor of both domestic and overseas clients by its exquisite craftwork and excellent quality.

        Products:all kinds of snowboots,indoor shoes and all kinds of fur products.

        We constantly hold the idea that "development by people, famous brand by technology and enlarging market by quality", while gaining foot on domestic market. We are making our effort to expand market abroad. Our company wish to establish long-term, friendly business relationship between you and me, and warmheartedly welome all new and old client to be present and seek common development.

Add:Zhenjiang City, Jiangsu Province, Dantu District Gaoqiao Town Tel:0511-83301828 Fax:0511-83301295 SUICP05057530